Bullying survey

Free elementary, middle and high school teacher resources, including puzzlemaker, student games and activities and lesson plans.

Great activity that will engage the older children into the topics about bullying and prevention. It will show them how to recognize bullying and how to help the victim

This bully prevention bingo game is a great, fun way for young children to become familiar with bullying behavior.

Teaching in Room 6: Stop the Bullying!

Full 8 week long unit on bullying. All lesson plans are there for you to take it and run. Based on Chrissa from the American Girl series (which deals heavily with social bullying) and addresses what to do if YOU are the victim of bullying.

Behavior | Bullying Behavior Chart new

This pin is a good tool to help identify the different types of bullying . It can also be a good poster in the classroom so student can see it as well.

This role play activity helps if bullying is taking place in the classroom - 9761

Bullying scenarios-role play activity to help children and teens deal with bullies (free handout-free registration required)

10 Things You Can Do If You See Other Kids Being Bullied. #bullying

How we can helpIf bullying is a part of your life, we can help you make it stop. If you are bullying others, we can help YOU stop.

Mean Stinks

Here are some good suggestions for mentees who are being bullied. This will provide your mentee with some good strategies for the next time their bully approaches them.