Title: Paqusilahl–Qagyuhl Date Created/Published: c1914 November 13. Summary: Dancer representing Paqusilahl (“man of the ground embodiment”), wearing a mask and shirt covered with hemlock boughs, representing paqus, a wild man of the woods.

Soyun, a 100-year-old shaman, is one of only a few shamans living among the reindeer herders. The Face of the Shaman

✯ A Shaman during a ritual seance. Oirat Autonomous oblast, Altai. Collector M.P. Gryaznov - 1930s - The Russian Museum of Ethnography ✯

This is a photo of Chuonnasuan (1927–2000), the last shaman of the Oroqen people, taken by Richard Noll in July 1994 in Manchuria near the Amur River border between the People's Republic of China and Russia (Siberia). Oroqen shamanism is now extinct.

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