The perfect wedding day quote! {start the day with a smile & end it with champagne}

Excellent advice for your big day! (But I'm totally against dressed that could be a down payment on a house! Sorry ladies! Buy the extravagant dress you adore at a price that says this "beauty has brains to boot!") ¨`*•.¸  pinterest & instagram - @ninabubblygum  ¸.•*´¨

This light washed silk crepe de chine Cami Dress is a double lined, classic and timeless dress to be dress up or down. Can easily be worn with a strapless bra.

The ultimate Summer bucket list for single women! some sound dangerous but i'm down to chase an ice cream truck haha

30 Hot Ideas For the Single Girl's Summer Bucket List

The ultimate Summer bucket list for single girls! some sound dangerous but i'm down to chase an ice cream truck haha

Accessory statement!

travel use bold accessories like a chandelier necklace to make outfits look expensive. works like a charm Travel Bag


How to Make Decisions

Make it happen! work hard so you can play hard while looking beautiful! Your hard work will soon pay off!

persian-princess:  That means don’t act entitled and DO NOT act like anyone on ‘the real housewives’

To me, being ladylike is being respectful to people that respect you, to be girly but to also stand up for yourself and have a backbone, and of course be clean and classy because if you're dirty you're defiantly not a lady!

In every season, You are still God.

"All of my life In every season You are still God I have a reason to sing I have a reason to worship" Hillsong United - Desert Song

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Jenna said what?I love that Sonic commercial She has that certain je ne sais quoi Art Print - Orchid - Blush - Wall Art - Charming - Calligraphy Style "


kate spade quote: she is the first to give a toast and the last to say goodnight Brown-upShoes

Got it!

Love this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. Expanding your horizons may be scary, but it will be worth it. Always push yourself to step outside the box.

loving statement necklaces at the moment, love them when they are in pastels though.

Love this statement necklace. We have some vintage sterling silver statement pieces like this in our store in West Chester.