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So we may have had to fly half way across the country but we get to hang out with some pretty fabulous fools. @amy_demos and @jordan_demos might be the sweetest couple we've ever met. There passion for life and their love of people shows! Brooke of @belongmag is seriously so freaking nice. Still confused how this dog lady has 4 cats but we will forgive her. (Missing our fur children hard core today guys.) And Cathy of @loveinspired took us to lunch yesterday on the beach. She is so…

We met this lovely dog at the beach yesterday and we were thinking of our Luna back home. It was great seeing her today! Back to reality (not yet! who am I kidding?! I am all over the place!). By the way look at this pose. It made me look like a good pet photographer

Zeus | Dog Photography Quainton - There is something very special meeting and photographing Rescue Dogs. Some are a bit scared, some just over run you and want to play and have cuddles, some are a bit shy, but there is one thing they all have in common, they all have lots of Love to give. This here is the amazing Zeus, which I met yesterday at the Rspca Blackberry Farm Animal centre. Zeus is a wonderful dog and this photos is just him, so pure and full of love. We don't know what breed he…

"...Being homeless John can either beg or busk, he prefers to busk but sometimes he can't. When I met him yesterday he was no longer alone, he has a dog called Jake, a loving dog. I asked John how come he has the dog, he simply said at times you find each other, its not like he took the dog in, they sort of took each other in. It was hard not be heartened by the fact two lost souls are now friends, sometimes its not the people we know but the friends we keep." Mike Shaw 2012

We met this girl yesterday! The lovely Fifi who was surrendered to Dogs in Distress. She is just adorable. #dogsindistress #dogs #adopt #olliespetcare

This is Lacey Lou who lost her life during a fire in our home yesterday. She is the sweetest dog I've ever met in my life. She's my baby girl! We love her and we are missing her so much. Rest in peace baby girl. We will meet again soon. I love you forever!

A dog asking for help! Yesterday morning there was a frantic banging at our main gate. It wouldn't stop and sounded like somebody was really desperate to come in. When I rushed to check who was in trouble I found a big black dog generally in very good shape but with a gash on his breast and very happy to see me! He had jumped against our gate again and again in order to get our attention and of course we wouldn't turn him away! Happily he followed me to the back entrance of the shelter…

Noahs-Bark Animal Rescue and Rehab's photo: Piggie passed every test yesterday with flying colors! And she is an absolute beauty. Very friendly to people, loves kids, done great with every dog she met, large and small. Everyone loved her! We are so proud of you Miss Piggie! I know your forever family will find you soon www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=359649787469225=a.202426843191521.31996.202407553193450=1_count=1=nf

Love Story: We met this beautiful family during PawFest in Largo yesterday. Juli & Jack with their Angel Baby, also known as Moffitt's Angel (in honor of Moffitt Cancer Center). Juli was diagnosed with cancer w/ only months to live. But Moffitt found a bone marrow match & had a transplant. Her doctor told her if she made it to a two-year point, she and Jack should get a dog to celebrate. Juli has been cancer-free for six years. "Angel Baby is my reward," she said. #moffitt #fight #cancerfree

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