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Zombie Phrenology

Handy Guide: Zombie Phrenology, Understanding the Natural Tendencies of the Undead

Zibi Vintage Scrap

Antique Illustration of a Phrenological Head. (Inspiration for a future work, Phrenological Head of the Monster.

Rules to survive Zombieland

The rules to survive Zombieland! (Yes, I know it's not TWD but "The Rules" worked, right?

so this means you better know Zombieland rules Rules # 8, 22 & 29

A best friend is someone who will gladly go back for you in a zombie infested wasteland. Muir glad to have a best friend like you.

zombiebang-band.jpg (275×184)

zombiebang-band.jpg (275×184)

I dream about having a beautiful, peaceful garden, but... um... I don't think I'm going to be able to resist these freakin' AWESOME zombie gnomes by Chris and Jane at ChrisandJanesPlace on Etsy.  Did I mention that these are awesome?

Zombie Gnomes Patient by ChrisandJanesPlace on Etsy, highly debating getting one of these.