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Paintingbomb, Cyanide & Happiness

Paintingbombs Are the New Photobombs [SUNDAY COMICS]

You’ve heard of “Photo Bombing”. Now try “Portrait Bombing”

I don't know why but that evolution is kind of terrifying... Could you imagine just laying in your bed trying to get to sleep and then suddenly you see that?

That moment when it takes extra long to load after the battle and your pokemon appears.

parisian pink setee


French vintage chair - love this! Pink and white - altogether lovely. I could build a room just to decorate around this settee.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Don't Give A Fuck

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Members: Tyler, The Creator Earl Sweatshirt Domo Genesis Hodgy Beats Left Brain Mike G Frank Ocean .

...Finally old enough to say, "The good old days!" and mean it. (ODD...Oppositional Defiance Disorder was not invented yet in schools, it was simply what it is...a BRAT...or latter to become a sociopath or psychopath ...who knows? But age does teach you a thing or two about people. Finally, finally I learned.)

With the exception of the lightning bugs, all true. My curfew was the street light in front of my house coming on. That was all our curfews.


The dishwashers in Mama's Kitchen used Lux Liquid for dishes for years. I remember the powder one had a glass cup in it.

Olden dayz South of the Border

Olden dayz South of the Border

24 Crayola crayons in the plastic case.

Crayola Crayons Vintage Box of 24 in Plastic Case. I liked these fever more than the 64 count because the plastic box kept everything so neat. I can smell the brand new box. Nothing takes me back to childhood like the smell of crayons

Remember this little dude!!

Teeny Little Super Guy! he's inside of you and me. You can't tell a hero by his size, he's just a teeny little super guy!

Magnetic Drawing Set

Vintage Wooly Willy Dapper Dan the Magnetic Man Toy. I played this for hours on long car trips.