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Overcome your fears. Today is as good as any day to surprise yourself.


This is so true! It truly shows a person's ignorance and insecurity when they label people they don't know or people who are different from them. Negative people are the worst kind. They allow their insecurities and own self doubt to be projected onto others, because it's easier to try to belittle someone or point out someone's flaws instead of accepting their own. Definitely a sign of a person who is in need for A LOT of personal growth.

“Our lifetime consists of years, months, weeks, and days. The basic unit is a single day. YOU CAN ONLY LIVE ONE DAY AT A TIME. It is what you do with each day that counts. A rewarding life is nothing more than many successful days strung together. Each successful day becomes a building block with which you create a successful life. The happiest and most contented people are those who, each day, perform to the best of their abilities.” … Truly, “Happily Ever After” comes best day-by-day.

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I am all I have.... I can't give up on me. I know this more then ever now.

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New York City

Truth! What's your "therapy"?