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For my co-worker Retired Marine Master Gunney Sgt Buddy Sickles. The Few the Proud. R.I.P Devil Dog

For my co-worker Retired Marine Master Gunney Sgt Buddy Sickles. The Few the Proud.P Devil Dog

No News is Good News

4 Insanely Important Issues You Won't See In The News

From Allison L. Crane, RN, MS: This message is being circulated around the world - please keep it going- permalink :   When a soldier comes home, he finds it hard...   "If we ever forget that we're...


Read carefully and stop complaining.also stop complaining when it's been 2 hrs since you got a text from your boyfriend or 2 days without seeing him.


Obama's True Colors: Obama Sports Occultist Aleister Crowley t-shirt

trust doctors

Infographic: Vaccine industry science lies are nothing more than recycled Big Tobacco science lies - Isn't that the truth!

Providing the enemy an opportunity to die for their country. #USMC #Marines #Military

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who's line is it anyway

And the parks around here aren't safe or secure, so that says a lot about the security of our borders, not good America. WE need security and that's not racist! It's a fact!