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Why Choose Shaklee

Why Choose Shaklee - Shaklee's Safe Guarantee: "No" Ingredient List- The Shaklee difference is like no other: safe, scientifically proven, and effective!

Rx for a Healthier Life: Let the Finest ingredients from nature put you on the path to well being. With proven results and the latest nutritional science, we're taking the guess work out of what it takes to be healthy and feel good every day. http://melrose-e-whittaker.myshaklee.com

Shaklee Rx For Health: Vitalizer (nutritional foundation), 180 Smoothie (stay lean), Vivix (anti-aging) & Nutriferon (immune boost)

Bruce Daggy, PHD, Shaklee Chief Science Officer

At Shaklee we're about health and prevention. Learn more about Shaklee's commitment to safe, green products that work, from our top scientist.