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4. By placing players into the game avatar’s shoes, game designers can more easily evoke a certain mood or emotion out of players. Visual and aural perspective along with autonomy lend to horror games’ effective buildup of suspense, thanks to immediacy. In Outlast, visual cues such as the prevalence of shadows evokes uncertainty by obscuring vision. Also, throughout the game, the player must hide from antagonists, who can be heard shuffling near the player, further adding to the tension.

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks brought a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game The Evil Within to the Toyko Game Show. The video kicks off with the protagonist Detective Sebastian Castellanos limping his way through a hallway of a mental hospital or prison while the narrator/protagonist mocks our hero.

Deal with a corporate witch in Yuppie Psycho: The best survival horror games present twisted visions of everyday locations. Resident Evil…

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