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Tokyo Ghoul - Komunitas - Google+

Tokyo Ghoul - Komunitas - Google+

Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul | quote. Don't be both

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself turn into the villain>>> Tokyo Ghoul

"After someone hurts you, you're not the same anymore.." -Anime/Manga: Tokyo Ghoul -edited by Karunase -source: karunase.tumblr.com

Tokyo Ghoul -edited by Karunase Sadly true, as if they stained a little part of you.

I'm more of a closed book

Tokyo Ghoul, Strike the Blood, etc. (Dang it, all these things related to Tokyo Ghoul really get to me for some reason. even though I haven't even watched more than a couple episodes.the tears come almost right away.

Tokyo Ghoul

Anime- Tokyo Ghouk Character- Kaneki Quote No one really changes over time we only become more fully what we are