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Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Finale - Did Hanna Die | Did Hanna (Ashley Benson) REALLY die in the Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars? #refinery29

7 ITEMS EVERY GIRL SHOULD HAVE IN HER CAR: 1. Umbrella 2. Pair of black leggings & jacket 3. Emergency kit 4. Bikini 5. Jumper cables 6. AAA card 7. Pair of flats


I so need this!! My kids always break mine or drop it. Beauty Tip - How to Fix Your Broken Compact

totally stealing this idea...foreground/middle ground/background. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outcome and how you can go many directions with this. colors/designs/patterns...reminds me of romero britto lessons - similar process. plus love how you can incorporate color wheel/color mixing into it.

Room 9's art piece emphasizes color and texture and represents the reflection of the sun shining on a river's surface.The creative students handcrafted each unique button and sewed their individual eddy circles together with embroidery thread. Finally the circles were assembled into an art piece mimicking the beauty of nature. Thank you to room 9's artists, Space to Create art studio for donating the fleece, and to all the parent volunteers who helped cut circles and work with the kids.