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Vermont Decriminalizes Marijuana | As of Monday, Vermont will be the 17th state to decriminalize marijuana possession. A bill passed earlier this year goes into effect then.

Medical Marijuana Bill in Montana Would Ease Over-Regulation | A 2011 bill devastated Montana’s medical marijuana industry. Since that bill passed, Montana MMJ patients have dropped by about 75% and providers have dropped by more than 90%. A new medical marijuana bill would stop the stranglehold.

NH Senate Panel Removes Home Grow Option from MMJ Bill | New Hampshire’s medical marijuana bill, House Bill 573, was approved by a Senate committee by a 5-0 vote. Unfortunately, since they also removed the home grow option from the MMJ bill, New Hampshire residents will have to wait up to 2 years to be able to access medication. Many people who could currently benefit from medical marijuana may not have that much time.

Medical Marijuana Battle Coming to Florida | As Florida baby boomers who may have used marijuana in their youth feel the impact of age, they may add to the push for legalization.

How a Doctor Came to Believe in Medical Marijuana | A California M.D. says it’s time to repeal marijuana-prohibition laws. ‘At long last and practically against my will, I am doing the right thing,’ writes Daniela Drake.