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Sterling silver viking knit necklace with Whitetail deer antler pendant. Fabricated, textured and oxidized.

The practice of hiding cats in walls was an ancient ritual to ward off evil spirits. All over the UK, mummified cats are frequently toppling out from between the walls of 17th & 18th century buildings. One of the most famous instances was in Pendle, Lancashire, when a mummified cat was discovered in the wall of an ancient cottage. The cottage is presumed to be the location at which one of England’s most famous witch covens met. In 1612, 11 men & 1 woman from the coven were hanged for such.

South Korea firm turns human ashes into beads South Koreans who dread the idea of keeping relatives’ ashes in urns can opt to have the remains turned into gem-like beads and placed in a dish.

Wig Lard- STUPID! http://mom.me/home/7471-weirdest-beauty-rituals-throughout-history/item/wig-lard/

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