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aaaaah,Slovakian chalets

aaaaah,Slovakian chalets www.

in front of the building… the real "zoo"

in front of the building… the real "zoo" www.

ruralgirl:  “ (via Summer & Garden)  ”

Summer on the dock -- dangling feet in the water and sharing secrets with your best friend. ruralgirl: (via Summer & Garden)

Portland Wedding Photographer // Julie+Nate Oregon Coast Engagement

Their love started in a photo lab. She would bring in her film to him. He would develop it. She called him “Pro Photo Guy” to her friends.

No one can truly understand how to make a difference until they realize how insignificant they truly are

This is a photo called, Gonna build a heaven by Felicia Simion. I chose this because I think that it is incredible the way she took this photo from such a far away perspective. It looks as though that person standing on the mountain is in waves of clouds.

Have you seen a real bear yet? Not in the ZOO though! you can do #bearwatching in Slovakia #travelslovakia #wilihunter

It's winter outside and often in our hearts. Here we are:caught between Narnia and Nativity, aching for Light to come.

Learn what it means to experience something fully, then drop it and move on to the next moment, uninfluenced by the previous one. You’d be traveling with such little baggage that you could pass through the eye of a needle. -Tony de Mello #freedom #awareness #impermanence

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wedding chapel in Slovakia

wedding chapel in Slovakia www.

romantic sight

romantic sight www.

Garrett one of the Magicians

Garrett one of the Magicians