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Today I’ll be sharing about a no-prep, fast-paced, and structured way we review specific skills or topics throughout the year – Brain Spills! Be warned, though, this is a very SIMPLE way to review, so please, no throwing tomatoes! The great part about these spills? They can be completed in 10 minutes or less and...

Fast-paced Test Prep with Kagan

A fast-paced, test-prep idea using Kagan Cooperative Learning. Perfect for a class warm-up or a quick exit slip!

The absolute BEST review game EVER! It can be completed with any content any time of year, but it GREAT for test prep!

Stinky Feet

Upper elementary classroom tips and ideas with a focus on classroom management, student engagement, & cooperative learning.

Here we’ve got 36 ways to fire up that creative spark, from writing by hand to visiting a foreign country. Try (at least) one today!

33 Surprising Ways to Boost Creativity for Free

[ boost creativity ] Gaze at something green; swig some whiskey; sit outside a box. Find out how these and other tips help bring out our most creative selves.

The Resourceful Apple: Quiz-Quiz-Trade: A Kagan Structure

Cooperative grouping is a simple way to increase student engagement. Kagan structures provide a variety of activities that promo.

Squeezing in Test Prep - Wow, so many ideas to make test prep easier for both the teacher and the students!

Squeezing in Test Prep

Test prep is often considered to be tedious, overwhelming, and boring. But, there are certain ways you can run your classroom and activities you can include that help with squeezing in test prep throughout the entire school year.

Kagan Teaching and Learning ::: Cooperative Learning *

The Fallibroome Academy ::: Teaching and Learning ::: Cooperative Learning * - Kagan Structures - Lots of good ideas.

Breakout, escape the classroom! This is an end of the year math review game. It is perfect for test prep. Your fifth grade class will love reviewing math skills, while trying to escape the pirates!

Cracking the Classroom Code™ 5th Grade Math Review Game Escape Room

Kagan structure

McKoy is demonstrating cooperative learning using a classroom response system. Students are engaging in structured discussions designed by Kagan Coopera.

Kagan's FREE Articles - Overcoming Resistance to Kagan Structures for Engagement

Kagan's FREE Articles - Overcoming Resistance to Kagan Structures for Engagement