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Who had one of these?  The ones today do not compare to the originals.

I need a new one of these! I& singing the jingle in my head & brite, lite brite. lalalal lallalalaa L-


Canada - Sunmark - O-Pee-Chee - Sweetarts foil candy package I remember when they looked like this.

Vtg Retro 80's Original Red Snap Button Trapper Keeper School Folder Binder | eBay

Vtg Retro 80's Original Red Snap Button Trapper Keeper School Folder Binder

Vtg Retro Original Red Snap Button Trapper Keeper School Folder Binder Mine had my little pony and strawberry shortcake

I remember we had these in second grade we used them to read and this kid stole one and i got blamed for it.

I swear these remind me of Halloween so much! We stored all our Halloween stuff in a big bin liner. These hurt a bit and made your fingers sweat like crazy, ew! I still liked the feel of them on though.

Lite-Brite...can't wait til Natalie's old enough to have some fun with one of these!

Lite Brite making things with light. Have a blast making things with Lite Brite. Except my brother and I would say Have a fight making things with Lite Brite!

the busy world of richard scarry

The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Nickelodeon, This was one of my favs

Ahhh, the Skip-It ... I went through at least two of these. Is it sad that I really want one again??

SMG’s Wish List: Skip It

Many hours were spent outside with the Skip It how bad did it hurt when you'd bang your ankle or fall on your tush lol

Honey Combs doll. My sis had this same exact one and I replaced it for her a few years ago. She was shocked!

Honeycomb doll, I can still remember the Christmas morning when I got mine.she had red hair my sis had a blonde.

Books about sisters

Genre Kryptonite: Books About Sisters

For those who don’t remember, Tia and Tamera were protagonists of the sitcom Sister Sister. Identical twins separated at birth, they looked the same, but their personalities were so different!