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STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven, net pattern, yellow ¥ Article Number : The durable, soil-resistant wool surface makes this rug perfect in your living room or under your dining table.

Natural jute rugs: comparison, how to layer them

A chunky jute rug adds an easy touch of coastal decor to any room. It works as a neutral backdrop for whatever furnishings you choose, while also remaining a natural, organic cost friendly option.

Knitted Rug | | Olli Ella Australia

Knitted Rug

Mix-Knit Rug - Olli Ella's hand-knitted is as soft and inviting as it looks. A rug with our twist, we used a mixture of to create rug that is truly unique.

Extra Large Boston Border Wool Rug | Dunelm

Featuring a simple bordered design and crafted with a hand tufted cut and loop pile, this wool rug is available in a choice of sizes.

Tableau en PVC Graphic - Lé PAPIERS DE NINON

Tableau en PVC Graphic - Lé PAPIERS DE NINON

Chunky Jute Runner | Dunelm

Dunelm Chunky Jute Runner

This natural-coloured runner is crafted with a chunky jute texture and is also handwoven with a plain design. Awesome stuff for you & your space

Chunky Fringe Woven Jute Rug

SINNERLIG Teppe, flatvevd, siv 75*200, kr 149,-

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SINNERLIG Rug, flatwoven IKEA You can turn the rug and get more wear out of it, as it has the same pattern on both sides.