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Hangin' with the pack is fun.

It's fun to have barn buddies.

so many wrinkly babies <3

mypugobsession: “Fun fact: A group of pugs is called a grumble. A grumble of pugs.

What's your favourite colour?? https://www.facebook.com/ADogsLoveSite/photos/a.1386416911657906.1073741828.1379164385716492/1422228824743381/?type=3&theater

Dog hair is totally my favorite color! It literally makes up my entire wardrobe!

"Did you pack my chewie,Mom?" (P.S. does anyone know where I could get a pug backpack like that??)

A pug with a pug backpack! If Lulu went to school, this would be her backpack!



6 pack of pugs......I'll take them all please!

You did your research and found a reputable pug breeder to purchase your pug pup from. Now it’s time to make a choice on whether to choose a female pug or a male pug. These adorable little pug puppies have their own unique personalities regardless.