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More About Tirant Lo Blanc / Ms Sobre El ( Ivitra Research in Linguistics and Literature - Studies,

Celebrate Black History through novel studies from A+ Literature Guides. Complete literature guides with daily activities and weekly assessments. Everything a teacher needs!

In “Sneak Peek,” students ages 14 and up analyze literature and visually demonstrate their comprehension of details. Using the Stop Motion Studio app, they create a book trailer promoting its imagery, symbolism, or theme. Students select a scene they feel best illustrates their point and then create a storyboard before making their video. The class then watches and discusses everyone’s creations. For more lesson ideas, use this free book:

"Dangerous" Cinematic Women Studies The femme fatale is a product of the male imaginary, which emerges in literature and the visual arts under contingent socio-political conditions as a challenge to coherent and stable identities. [...] The emergence of the femme fatale motif in literature, art and cinema generally coincides with periods of social or political instability and is not specific to a culture, society or era, but exhibits countless masks as she may manifest herself in…

To Kill a Mockingbird Unit Novel Study

208 page complete literature guide for the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It includes everything you need to teach and test this novel. Common-Core Aligned.

Interactive Reading Notebook Fiction and Nonfiction Mega Bundle

Interactive Notebook Bundle for Reading, Vocabulary, Nonfiction, Literature for: English language arts, social studies, science, business, and more.