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Scentsy better jump on the BandWagon!

For the serious bacon lover

Bacon Products

Bacon Products

We Ahead: your werewolf name :D

Pépites du web : le meilleur de la semaine #44

My wolf name is alpha demon though. I'm pretty sure the other wolves wouldn't want to invite me either.

Hiking quotes.

Ghetto hikes-a guy who takes inner city kids on hikes

wtf, weird, bacon, cool, 26 Crazy Bacon Products you've knew existed

Plus other cool and weird internet humor.

The Wrongulator

DIY wall decor - what I love most about my suite canvas :)

Here comes the bacon! (Which meant something totally different in the 60s & 70s) BK is pushing the pig.

Burger King goes long on pig with bacon sundae

you can't buy happiness bacon - Google Search

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy bacon, and that makes me happy!


Marker Cap Fail - The best funny pictures

Bacon flavor spread???? I wonder what it would taste like?  #bacon #food #foodporn #igers #weird

I wonder what it would taste like?

It's all fun and games until someone rips the band-aid off and tries to eat it...

These hilarious Bacon Bandages are novelty plasters that look like rashers of bacon! Great Secret Santa gifts and stocking fillers from Find Me a Gift!

Diet coke with bacon ,   you don't see it in shops  because it was not released as an official flavour, it was made purely as a collectable item.

bacon diet coke - what?

If my kids were babies this would have been the formula for me,being the butchers wife that I am

Bacon Baby Formula: Is Our Society Doomed?

Bacon formula, for if I ever have kids

Just for you Shona!!! @shonameyer07  Bacon Scented Body Wash. then I would smell like bacon all the time. then I would want to eat it. WHERE IN THE WORLD DO YOU GET THIS? and btw, this makes a great Christmas gift. cough cough  - Get the awesome limited edition Bacon Lover's t-shirt while it's still available! http://teespring.com/icanhazawesome

Limited Edition Bacon Lovers Tee

Bacon Scented Body Wash -- this is kinda messed up!

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 61 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 61 Pics

Funny pictures about Making dinner. Oh, and cool pics about Making dinner. Also, Making dinner.