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Morrissey and Mike Joyce: The Smiths perform on the BBC television show 'The Oxford Road Show' filmed in Manchester on February

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I can't believe I missed this amazing person in concert. I would of died to see him <3 love love love Moorisey.

Morrissey from: The Smiths. From one of the very first article+interview I’ve read about The Smiths in a French magazine called: “Actuel” in Photo: Daniel Lainé Scanned from my personal archives & retouched by: Olivier Daaram Jollant

Morrissey  The Smiths

️Morrissey - @ the Riverside or Pabst (why can't I remember?) and again @ the Eagles Ballroom

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before -The Smiths

"'So,' he said, before he knew what to say next. 'You like the Smiths?' He was careful not to blow his morning breath on her.