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Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

Superwholock. Oh my torchwood

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I actually cried reading this if I were the girl in the story I would die if that happened this show was my escape from my life and it brought me so many tears of happiness and joy. This just shows how much fandoms mean to people

Do you want to build a snowman for the tenth Doctor and the Master. If this isn't perfect I don't understand the levels you need for perfection.

Do you wanna steal a TARDIS? - Do you wanna build a snowman parody. His face cracks me up!

I don’t know how you expect to be friends with him if you’ve never even watched an episode.

It just Kills me how many people in my life has never even HEARD of Dr Who! It's like I have landed in hell and can't find my way out!

So in

Get in loser, we're going time traveling. Doctor Who + Mean Girls

David Tennant -- Dream job right there


I've found my dream job: David Tennant's Official Hair Ruffler.


And everyone realizes that they have read in his voice. That was the momment I realized how obsessed I am with Doctor Who. When I automatically read things in David Tennant's voice.

We love “Who” at LD, and here are 50 reasons why we do! 1. The opening credits 2. It’s an imaginative show 3. The humor 4. The monsters 5. Fun with history! 6. The Doctor with all his myriad faces 7. Companions 8. Sound design 9. Music 10. Bowties are cool 11. The TARDIS 12. […].

50 Reasons To Watch “Doctor Who”

50 Reasons To Watch “Doctor Who” . To all my friends that don't watch Doctor Who, I have here 50 legitimate reasons why you need to.

Matt Smith... accompanied by an awkwardly large white backround

If a guy ever used a Doctor Who pick up line on me I would say yes to a date, no matter how bad the line was. Or the guy.

This is the meanest thing to do to a drunk person, but they will learn a great lesson on why not to drink so much.:

Don't Drunk Text a DOCTOR WHO Fan

Excuse the language. It's what you get for drunk texting a Whovian. I hope this person spent all night walking around graveyards all night looking for the TARDIS