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An old homestead on a farm in Washington state, 1908. Notice the cat up on the beam of the log cabin. The guns, butter churn and spinning wheel reminds us of the self sufficient lifestyle of the first part of the last century.

A Canadian Expeditionary Force soldier kisses his daughter goodbye before shipping off to WWI. Gaspé Harbour, Quebec, 1914.

Hans Langseth, who held the record for the longest beard with 5,33 meters. Note the wonderful and totally subtle hints to Odin - the missing eye, the ravens Huginn and Muninn and the patterns on the throne Hlidskjalf. And by the way, this is not the original picture - this is shopped; no eyepatch or ravens ins the original. | Womens Ward, Acton Hospital, London W3 | Originally the Passmore Edwards Acton Jubilee Cottage Hospital, renamed with the snappier Acton Hospital in 1915. It remained in use until 2001, latterly for assessment of geriatric patients requiring long term care. This was presumably a medical ward when the image was taken, names at the bottom of the beds being Dr Walsh and Dr Hutchinson. More details:-

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