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Jasper Johns inspired 1st grade names

Grade - Jasper Johns Abstract names - fold paper four times and use oil p…

Fourth Grade Art Lesson 15 | Torn Paper Portraits Part 2 Completing Our Portraits

The student will finish their torn paper portraits by filling in the background. The students add any necessary detail to the completed work.

Fourth Grade Art Lesson 2 | Elements of Art Part 1 Shape Color and Space

The student will know that a shape is an area enclosed by a line and that there are two types of shapes, geometric and organic. The student will show space by overlapping shapes.

Fourth Grade Art Lesson 18 | Printmaking Part 1 Building up the Stamp

Fourth Grade Art Lesson 18

First Grade Art Lesson 2 | Cutting Lines Creating a Collage

Art projects that explores different kinds of lines and helps kids practice cutting and gluing skills.