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Ma'at(h)ematics<----  (replace at with add...)

Largest number, represents whole and completeness maybe, the math explained here is a wonder Ma'at(h)ematics<---- (replace at with add.

00f59b1a5fd61ff51300274ab43aad16.jpg (640×640)  https://unitedblackbooks.org/collections/christianity-jesuits-and-catholicism

The truth will set you free. Do the Research-Hebrew Concordance AHAYA and Yasha

Only once in 1835...

cool-fact-President-Andrew-Jackson (who was from Tennessee!) Paid of U S National Debt. Sent hundreds of non-hostile Cherokee Indians to their death along the "Trail of Tears"

Is this true  or are we just supplanting our voices and views on to a person who has never gone on the record to make his views and position known?

Research the NWO, George Soros, Kissinger, Rockefeller, Georgia Guide stones and learn for yourself who owns us.