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JR In The Favelas Of Rio

View of the exhibition "Women are Heroes" at Favela Morro Da Providencia Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 2008

The French artist JR began as a graffiti artist and now engages in projects on a grander scale including his most recent “The Wrinkles in the City” which has taken place in Cartagena, Spain, Havana, Shanghai, LA and Berlin.

JR: 'The Wrinkles of the City' Projects

New murals by JR in Berlin ( Germany ) - JR recently completed another round of new pieces.

street art. Love this guy!

Photographer JR (winner of TED ~ Women are Heroes

The Wrinkles of the City - Los Angeles | JR - Artist

The Wrinkles of the City Los Angeles, Jim Budman, Venice, USA, 2011

Wrinkles of the City, Los Angeles

by JR. The Wrinkles of the City Los Angeles, Lovers on the roof, USA, 2012

C215 New Mural In Sete, France

C215 New Mural In Sete, France

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Women are Heroes project by JR.  http://www.ted.com/talks/jr_s_ted_prize_wish_use_art_to_turn_the_world_inside_out.html                 Can't get over this project and TED talk.

Scenes from Rio de Janeiro

JR Collab with Vhils (Portugese Artist) _ Outside Mural from the Woment Are Heroes Project _ Los Angeles, California, USA

JR x VHILS, Dona Benedita in LA, 2010 In JR collaborates with Portuguese artist VHILS in Los Angeles - mixing pasting and carving on a wall, representing a Brazilian woman from the Women Are Heroes project.

JR - Artist In April 2015, the New York Times Magazine reached out to JR to think about a project together. JR had been working on immigration, and he told them he would love to continue what he had started on Ellis Island in the city.

Migrants, Walking New York City - Social Animals