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Soooo true haha

I can't wait for February Otherwise-known-as off Chocolate Day! Or. my birthday . Good thing I really do not like chocolate:-)

This is me with algebra if the fate of the world depended on me doing algebra without help I'm sorry but you will all die

Everything on the internet is true (27 photos)

Funny pictures about How College Works. Oh, and cool pics about How College Works. Also, How College Works photos.

i'm only reposting to say that my old middle school had one of those "school supply vending machines" (the very last picture) and i never saw a single person use it

Post with 7631 votes and 198832 views. Tagged with school, innovative; I will not skip any classes if my school got these brilliant Inventions

The main reason this struck me so funny is that it was "liked" on Facebook by my niece, who is a middle school teacher. Can you imagine?!

10 minutes at work, & I start using 'Fuck' like a comma! I love you and miss you, hope your day was better than mine.

It's like this in Britain too. My year 4 maths teacher gave me 0/10 on a test because I didn't use the right method even though I got full marks

That's so fucking messed up. Being homeschooled as I was, I was mostly sheltered from this shit. I've been hearing more and more about the fucked up public school system and it's pissing me off so much.

Lincoln Vs Kennedy: Coincidences I Think Not- Always thought this was interesting in high school. One of very few history items I can seem to remember.

Funny coincidence history about John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. But Lyndon B. Johnson was president upon Kennedy's assassination, not Andrew Johnson.history repeats itself in a weird way.

And here I was just planning to forge one from starsteel, and quench the blade in blood. This is so much more totally metal.

5 Times Tumblr Was The Greatest Detective In the World

This could come in handy if I ever choose to try my hand at fantasy one day. <<< don't get on a nerd's bad side << today on 'I Swear I'm a Writer

I remember an English teacher calling us all idiots as she slammed our essays on a table once.

I remember an English teacher calling us all idiots as she slammed our essays on a table once.// my mother is a fifth grade teacher and I can attest, those children sometimes not the brightest.

Wait so it was a lockdown right? My school's lockdowns are so weird, these red lights come on in the halls and the younger students started calling it 'Bloodwatch'. There's only ever been two real lockdowns. The first was when a pack of feral dogs got into the school, the second was when this kid climbed onto the roof and started screaming about killing himself. He was standing on top of the classroom I WAS IN.

Same happened to me and we thought it was a lock down so we were hiding in the dark for about fifteen minutes when we realized.it was a fire drill.and everyone was waiting for us outside.<<I'm really sorry but these are really funny!