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Karakalpak Female Costume

The Karakalpak kiymeshek is a woman's ceremonial headdress that conceals the hair, neck and shoulders.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan brides

clothing culture in Samarkand

"Samarkand, Uzbekistan brides" Nikokh-Tui (Wedding) Nikokh-Tui, wedding, is the most solemn and large Uzbek ceremony.

Christine Brown on Uzbek Clothing: Part 1, the Lecture « R. John Howe: Textiles and Text

Christine Brown on Uzbek Clothing: Part 1, the Lecture

Karakalpak jewellery shown on a traditional costume from that region in Uzbekistan. Image from the publication *Uzbek Embroidery in the Nomadic Tradition* by Kate Fitz Gibbon and Andrew Hale,

Вышитые платки в нижегородском народном костюме

century Russian traditional costume with sarafan and shawl- head cover.

Kyrgyzstan | Ethnographic collection 'Kayberen' (Totem) ~ based on the ethnographic research carried out by K.Antipina

suzani: “ Nomads Kirghiz girl in traditional costume…Kirghistan, Central Asia.