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Nailing the interview - before you leave, check a map, make sure you know where it is. You'd be surprised how many last-minute calls we get asking for directions.

We Lived Happily Ever After: Free Gold Leaf USA Print | 8 Awesome Freebie Metal Textures | And How To Make Your Own Gold Leaf State Prints!

@candidcameraman ・・・ Weapons... Check... Power... Check... Ammo... Hell yea! check! Let's go shoot something. This is part of what I have and put in my camera bag, it is made of some of some of this - which I mix and match depending on what I am shooting and how I'm feeling on that day. Way too many things to list, a lot of knick knack, a few cameras, some digital, some analog - a few smartphones... Some batteries, lenses and filters and a few rolls of films not to mention a few memory…

Steampunk Double Shoulder Holster & Ammo Pouch leather work Pattern

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

I find this Walther kind of hilarious! It's pink digital camo! Isn't camo supposed to help you blend in to your surroundings? I'm not to sure what you would blend into with this LOL!!!