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Laskiaispullat Finnish baked treats

Laskiaispullat Finnish baked treats

popular finnish food pulla, only picture, because those with recipe don't look so good.

popular finnish food pulla, only picture, because those with recipe don't look so good. Yum love these!


Finnish Butter Eye Buns "voisilmäpulla"

Finnish Butter Eye Buns "voisilmäpullaa"- have made these many times. Requires maybe 10 min more cooking than recipe states.

Finnish Food Icon : Laskiaispulla

Yesterday was Valentine's Day as everyone on this planet probably knows, but this year in Finland the winter festival of Laskiainen or Shrov.

Karelian pastry (piirakka). Finland

Karjalan Piirakka (Karelian Pie) With Egg Butter

Karelian pasty (karjalanpiirakka) is a traditional Finnish dish made from a thin rye crust with a filling of rice. Butter, often mixed with boiled egg (eggbutter or munavoi), is spread over the hot pastries before eating - Finland

Finnish pancakes...500 times better than any other pancake!

also known as Pannukakku (what a fun word to say!), is another of my favourite Finnish recipes (you can find the recipe for Pulla here ).

The Finnish "Boston cake" is a "cake" made by baking cinnamon rolls in a round cake pan instead of baking them separately, so that they stick together to form a round cake.

Yeast-based, cardamom-flavored sweet buns are a mainstay of Finnish (and Scandinavian) baking. There's even the concept of "coffee buns" (ka.

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Homemade Finnish Joulutorttu

At Christmas time my Mum always makes traditional Finnish Joulutorttu. Joulutorttu are pastry windmill-shaped tarts with a prune jam.