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The half-ton corkscrew: Inventor creates contraption from 300 pieces of salvaged metal… and it even pours the wine for you

Steampunk Lamp Steam Punk Light Tesla Gear Desk Lamp Vintage Antique Victorian | eBay

Steampunk Lamp - Steam Punk Light Tesla Gear Desk Lamp Vintage Antique Victorian

Steampunk Lamp Steam Punk Light Tesla Gear by VictorianMachines

1-Steampunk-Command-Desk–Bruce-Rosenbaum - 10 Awesome Steampunk Computer Case Mods http://www.computersciencedegreehub.com

Victorian Organ Command Desk - I never really got into the whole steampunk thing, but all that is changing now. The Victorian organ command desk is one hell of a reason why we sh.

Typewriters. We miss them. Now you can bring them back to your daily ramblings with this how to guide that turns a God-awful 1989 IBM Model M "Clicky" keyboard into a gorgeous piece of steampunk genius.

Steampunk IBM keyboard mod - Sick of living in the post-industrial present? Long for an alternate universe where steam trumps electricity? Here's the keyboard for you.

Steampunk Audio

High end audio audiophile Boiler Speakers: Streaming Tunes in a Steampunk Style vacuum tube

The Datamancer is an expert in steampunk-style technology. He is a Master of Mod. The 22″ widescreen LCD frame is solid 1/4-inch brass that was sanded and polished to a high shine. The base is a modernized remake of brass and black marble. The keyboard is a mixture of Neo-Victorianism and brass hi-tech

Steampunk Keyboard - Steampunk Crafts Wiki uses inspiration from cyberpunk to explain what is steampunk as well as share steampunk crafts in.