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On a bad day there is always lipstick.truth from an org comm prof. Red lipstick sales skyrocket in a bad economy.


Why Don't More Moms Talk To Their Daughters Like This Famous Actress Talks To Hers?

Never say negative things about your body in front of children. Always say how proud you are of what you have achieved, and say only positive things about your body. Let's help create more positive body image for our future generations.

Sorry About Your Luck...

lifestyle funny art quotes: Sorry! The lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock.

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My mood depends on how good my hair looks: Luckily, we're ALWAYS in a good mood…

Love everything about this... colors, fonts :-)

I sang this song to Hailey as a baby, ALL the time :) .You Are My Sunshine Subway Art in Gray/Grey and Yellow! You can purchase a printable file or poster print of this original design in my Etsy shop. THIS IS NOT A FREE PRINTABLE.