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Adopted by: Biggest Fan Girl Ever! Name: Harley Age: 17 Harley likes school, studying, and friends. In her free time she focuses on her school work to get into a good collage. PLEASE ADOPT!

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Merida Brave Gone Mod

Merida Brave Gone Mod

Elsa in istagram de BåbÿGīrł | We Heart It

Age: Isabelle goes by Isa, loves dresses and clothes, hates when she can't breathe in dresses. [Write adoption record here]

I'm glad they said who they were at the end because I couldn't tell who most of them were

10 Disney Heroines (NOT princesses! I wouldn't have pegged the last one as Merida though. The hair should be curlier and the dress greener.

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Badass ELsa by Amierawrr on DeviantArt

Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Snow White

princess disney in anime version series

Be Brave

lol ur not tadashi hamada

This is Carroll. She is 15 yrs old and loves huskies, hair, and handstands!

This is 15 year old Megan. She volunteers at the animal shelter and has a dog of her own. She has been here since she was 3 and is dying for a new home. She also does gymnastics in her free time.

Not a big Brave fan, but can't deny the adorableness that is little Merida

Brave fan, can't deny the adorableness that is little Merida

More hairstyles for Disney princess, Meredith

Ariel/Gallery - Disney Wiki


Ariel Royal Debut - Disney Lifesize Standup Poster Stand Up

This is kaya she is 15 and loves to draw she is up for adoption so comment down below if you want her

Disney Princesses gone Bad: Punk Merida.

Современная Эльза

This is Aubrey she is 15 years old when she was 1 month old her parents abandoned her in a cardboard box right near the river she never met them Aubrey loves dogs she like to listen to music she is very nice adopt today!


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Hi, this is Perri. She is a loner and is not afraid to stand up for herself. You can adopt her, she is still available.