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PARIS MID Grau ($180) ❤ liked on Polyvore

PARIS MID Grau ($180) ❤ liked on Polyvore

How To Dress Like A Leader In Any Work Environment | Business Insider

How to dress like a leader in any work environment

This business attire pin gives an informative idea on how to dress. There are times when at work a casual business style can be worn. However, the phrase dress for success has meaning. The required business attire is described in this pin.

How to dress (or not) for work

The Ultimate Work Dress Code Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

NO BUT THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! School clothing policy is CONSTANTLY shaming women for their fucking SHOULDERS, and dress codes demand they be covered, and legit for my senior year of high school they forced us to wear these stupid fucking black cloths pinned behind us and made us push down our bra straps EXACTLY like this picture. So it's classy when you MAKE us, but when I choose a strapped shirt I'm indecent? THIS is why school dress code is bullshit.

A teen slammed her high schools sexist dress code with a genius yearbook quote

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I Love Cyber Shopping

See? I hate the school dress code so much. The other day I was dress coded in GYM for wearing my SCHOOL ISSUED BASKETBALL PRACTICE JERSEY!

Last week one of my friends missed class time because she had to go home to change. Her dress was inches too short. I'm not joking. <<< Wow, one of my friends was dress coded because you could see less than an inch of her stomach.

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A Visual Guide To What To Wear To An Interview For The Top Hiring Industries

bows-n-ties: “ Interview Dress Codes for the Top 6 Industries (source: BNT) ”

Her feet are vey distracting and slightly seductive. Take her away and suspend her for life

School dress code for boys vs. dress code for girls feminism, feminist humor, women's rights, equal rights, equality

This takedown of school dress codes. | 31 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Feminists Stand Up And Cheer

31 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Only Feminists Will Get

This was actually a legit thing at my junior high. Everyone ones this unspoken rule that male teachers couldn't dress code girls. So the female teachers definitely made up for it.>>> where is the fucking lie tho