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Lego birthday games.  Transfer legos from one plate to another using only a straw.
lego... this would be fun for a contest. Each person gets the same blocks to build with,most creative/clever wins
Lego Party Games and Activities number 9 to 12
Lego Party game- use a straw to transfer Legos from a plate to a cup
Inspiration for lego head centerpieces
LEGO Party! Love the idea for Camden! Plus it would go with a super cute Lego cake idea I found!
I dont have any boys(yet) and even my girls arent into lego yet, but this is to good not to pin. Best Lego Party Ideas!!!
The first step was for the guests to go to the registration area where they were given their LEGO apron. From there, we moved on to the Master Builder Training. For guests to become a master builder they needed to complete a series of ‘tests’ that highlighted the skills a master builder needs – 1. be able to follow directions, 2. work as a team, 3. build and test a lego carr and 4. have a “good eye” for detail.
I saw that going differently in my mind...: Lego Party
lego limbo and lego car racing seem like great ideas.  I just need to get the supplies