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Hehehe, this is actually even funnier, because this really has happened on several occasions. I'm trying to be there for them while they go on and on....and on. But all I can think about is feeling like I'm about to give birth to Niagara Falls. More

We're a bunch of weirdos, four to be exact. We're loud, dramatic, and try meet everyday with just enough humor to make it through. Life can be tough and motherhood even tougher, so find the funny, sad, and spiritual in it with us. Thanks for reading.

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Sem paciência pra erro ortográfico. | As 20 pessoas mais sem paciência que você já viu

Dear people of The Great Kashur Circus, kindly stick carrots up your ugly, flabby asses. I never asked for your unsolicited "why are you going to Malaysia when we have perfectly nice colleges here" advice.

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