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It's the middle of the week so it's the MID-WEED ODD. Not very original, I know, but it's the best I could come up with at the moment. Sometimes coming up with

I Wouldn’t Mess With That Bird

Funny pictures about I Wouldn't Mess With That Bird. Oh, and cool pics about I Wouldn't Mess With That Bird. Also, I Wouldn't Mess With That Bird photos.


The way my life works…


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For seal

please do not view if you are under age thanks. But anyway im a 20 year old mle straight that loves sex and just about anything to do with it. ill post some of myself every once in a while but...

You’re not going anywhere…

all. the. time.> then when you locked the door in the bathroom while doing it and are trapped so you have to wipe it off again but then you're still slippery and so you are trapped for eternity..... so sad...


I have to change every time i come home , into my nice comfy sweat pants