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Buyer aware As a brand, you rightly want to know what your return on investment is going to be before you commit to a mobile ad spend.  Tech...

L'Oreal, Walgreen's Look to Measure Effectiveness of Mobile Coupons - Ad Age Mobile

Why Smart #SocialMedia Marketers Think #Mobile First [Infographic], via @HubSpot

This is why smart social marketers think mobile first! Mobile is more common than a desktop. I didn't really know that mobile was that much more popular then desktop. I really like the way that this info-graphic breaks down the mobile usage.

Address the audience’s pain points: Behavior change occurs when companies satisfy people’s unmet needs, relieve them from compromises they a...

Global Consumers Embrace the Share Economy - Nielsen Global Survey of Share Communities

To find out more about what to consider when creating a mobile app, check out the infographic:  Read more: http://www.marketingprofs.com/chirp/2014/24674/how-to-create-a-great-mobile-app-infographic#ixzz2wLQLStCj

How to Create a Great Mobile App [Infographic]

Texting as a benefit in health care communication and patient adherence?

The Benefits of Texting [Infographic]

The new big thing in advertising is mobile marketing. Read on for some tips on how to use mobile marketing to your business. Do not just add loads of numbers when you are constructing a mobile marketing database.

Pay Attention to Mobile App Permissions!

[Infographic] Pay Attention to Mobile App Permissions!

Personalization is a Big Challenge for Digital Marketers (Infographic) #digitalmarketing

Personalization is a Big Challenge for Digital Marketers (Infographic)

So why aren't marketers delivering? Take a look at why smarter segmentation and personalization is top a priority in the mobile era, and why marketers are to deliver.

Interesting to see men and women's varying social media habits. Women and men use their phones for different reasons and often want access to certain apps and follow social media accounts for different reasons.

Smartphone and Social Media Usage: Men vs. Women (Infographic)

How Men and Women Use Mobile and Social Media Differently (Infographic). This has HUGE implications if you market to women vs men (or vice versa). Are you reaching your target audience?

With mobile devices becoming mightier and more ubiquitous, PCs are beginning to look like their clunkier, less attractive counterparts.    Read more: http://www.marketingprofs.com/chirp/2013/10291/the-post-pc-revolution-infographic#ixzz2Nkv4WW87

The Post-PC Revolution [Infographic]

The post-PC revolution is here! Gone are the days of using a desktop PC to search for the nearest restaurant. Everything is going mobile these days. Check out the infographic below from Moovweb to learn more about the post-PC revolution.

The Role of Mobile Devices, Social Media in News Consumption (Pew Research, 2012)

Infographic: The Role of Mobile Devices, Social Media in News Consumption

Facebook integrates with Wordpress. Publishers can now use  WordPress widgets to share their Facebook Activity Feed, Recommendations, Comments Box and Customizable Like, Subscribe and Send buttons.

Facebook Integrates With WordPress: This Week in Social Media

Wonder is the guys at #Webhouse still don't think designing for mobile is that important? Mobile Is Maturing [Infographic]  #mobilemarketing

Mobile Is Maturing [Infographic]