Asriel and Frisk. Cute AF

Asriel and Frisk. I don't ship them but this is cute

* Let's be honest... by speedcoreMigraine

All hail our overlord and saviour of cinnamon rolls Asriel.

Undertale- Female Frisk x Asriel.

"Missed you babe....."

Awww "U cow-goat" 💜 Asriel & Frisk will be forever in my otp list 😍😂

Sans is the best friend ever. I never want to put him through a genocide run; not in MY game.

undertale Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Sans, and Frisk

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Damn, this dude draws the best Asriel. If ur reading this then I wanna let u know that u should keep drawing more. Yehaahhhh :D