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Bedbugs are small reddish-brown colored parasites about the size of a ladybug that can infest your home and bite sleeping humans. The most common type is **Cimex lectularius**.

Daddy Lady Bug, Mama Lady Bug, and Baby Lady Bug. How cool are polka-dotted insects??

Yellow Jacket is the common name in North America for predatory wasps of the genera Vespula and Dolichovespula, a.k.a., European Wasp. Their international common name is simply "wasp" in other English-speaking countries. Despite having drawn the loathing of humans, yellow jackets are in fact important predators of pest insects... Thumbnail descriptions compiled by #GardenMaven

Imagine that you’re traveling and staying in a nice hotel. The next morning you discover bites and confirm that your room has bed bugs. What do you do? This is an increasingly common problem for travelers, as well as a nightmare for the hotel industry. Recently a question came into our office from a person with just this experience. She had stayed in a hotel with bed bugs. Immediately after returning home she called her local health department and was advised to discard all her personal…