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I actually drew this once and it is actually one of my favorite drawings beings that I suck. C:

Which Alice In Wonderland Character Are You?

I can see Aiden saying this to Lyra after he's wounded at the battle later dubbed The Massacre (I don't know what this quote is from. If you do, please let me know)

photography death blood quote depressed depression sad lonely self harm self hate dead empty razor tear selfharm selfhate

i m fine tumblr cortadas - Buscar con Google

i m fine tumblr cortadas - Buscar con Google

I'm Fine Wounded T-Shirt $15.99

I’m Fine. No Really, I’ll live. Ok, so maybe not. Whether you want to feign a zombie attack or just get some crazy stares, the I’m Fine. shirt will do it fore you. And did we mention the best part? The blood wraps around to the back of the shirt!

a few days later they release Jack from the hospital and Kayla and Daniel take him home, though he hasn't said a word since he saw Tessa. @moonbeam1131

Just watched Suicide Room. I haven't stopped crying. One of the best, saddest movies I've seen


Les 10 prints les plus brillants et créatifs du lundi ! #88

Discrimination Poster "I'm Fine" ("estoy bien") "Save Me" ("Sálvame")

Quote on mental health: Sometimes when I say "I'm okay", I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight and say, "I know you are not".  www.HealthyPlace.com

Mental illness quote - Sometimes when I say "I'm okay" I want someone to look me in the eyes hug me tight and say "I know you are not.