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From the family wearing matching tie-die T-shirts to the tourists posing awkwardly by a group of Hell's Angels, the holiday snaps uploaded to popular US website Awkward Family Photos offer a terrifying glimpse into family holiday albums.

Dance recital season is in full swing and there's just something so perfect about sequins, frills, and jazz hands. Sometimes things get a little awkward when you combine all of those things with a camera.

This guy gets around... >Ride'em, chimp-boy!! / This pinata is old -- I use it for decoration, and not for candy... nice centerpiece.

It’s almost Thanksgiving and soon families across the country will be gathering around tables piled high with ungodly amounts of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is meant to be…

okay, I'm really mostly laughing about this guy. Yet, there's something very sinister lurking behind his friendly pink suit and paint on construction paper bow. Seriously, guy, ear hair trimmers ... learn to use them.