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Tony Abbott adviser warns of threat of 'global cooling' | RiseEarth

Tony Abbott adviser warns of threat of 'global cooling'

Life hack

Life hacks, well Im going to try the vending machine thing for fun and do some research on the dog thing.

world vaccines and infant mortality

In the CDC recommends 45 doses by 6 yrs. Higher infant mortality rates in countries with higher vaccination rates.

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Chew cinnamon gum while studying and in class to get the perfect stay awake+don't fail class combo! -> The cauliflower thing is bull but other than that this seems pretty useful -> Cauliflower the same as chicken.

Destroy Alaska in 4 Easy Steps: A U.S. Government Handbook | It's all about greed. How very sad for Alaska and the people who live there and how sad for the rest of us in the lower 48 that few have learned a lesson from this environmental destruction and want to turn around and allow the same destruction to happen in some of our most beautiful and pristine places, such as our national parks.

If the goal was to destroy Alaska, US history in the region couldn't do much worse. A brief overview of a mistreated ecological treasure.

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Cold+Winter+Ahead+For+East,+According+To+Farmer's+Almanac+'Secret+Formula' August 2015

This New Year Resolve To Help The Planet

petition: This New Year Resolve To Help The Planet