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Tips for overcoming common healthy eating and workout obstacles. www.tinareale.com

Tips for overcoming common healthy eating and workout obstacles

This says it all...........

"Stop eating CRAP. C = Carbonated drinks, R = Refined sugars, A = Artificial food, P = Processed food FROM: Daily motivation photos)

Have cravings that could get ya in trouble?  Here are some alternatives!  www.advocare.com/140322275

Craving something? What to Eat Instead - Health & Fitness - Health & Nutrition - Nutrition - Holistic - Organic - Organic Food - Whole Foods - Health Foods - Healthy Foods - Healthy Lifestyle - Wellness - All Natural Foods -

Decide what you want and go for it!! www.facebook.com/tharperfitnessmotivation

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even if it's not to work out, getting up instead of hitting the snooze button always leads to a more productive and positive day

200+ Motivational Quotes for Working Out

How badly do you want it? Motivation to get my bum out of bed earlier!

So, I just came across this and thought This will be easy. its probably only hard for people that are out of shape. I just finished it and now I feel completely out of shape. The crunches were especially hard. Needless to say, I need to work

blog to read!!!  Weight loss story of a working mom of 3. Losing weight while on vacation....say what???

This is so for me, I have been working my tail off and dont see the results I thought I would yet. gonna keep going though.Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation and Your Subconscious Pictures

HASfit BEST Workout Motivation, Fitness Quotes, Exercise ...

HASfit BEST Workout Motivation, Fitness Quotes, Exercise Motivation, Gym Posters, and Motivational Training Inspiration

Why I am quitting sugar, all of it! and How!!, with the help of @Sarah Wilson  . #IQS via @FieldstoneHill Design, Darlene Weir

Live with beauty : I quit sugar - wellness, whole food, sugar free

Why I am quitting sugar, all of it!, with the help of Chintomby Wilson . via Design, Darlene Weir Design, Darlene Weir

Reduce Weight Now


Imagine yourself, a year from now with the body you've always wanted. All your hard work finally paid off. Exercise, eat healthy and stay positive.

Real College Student of Atlanta: 30 Day Plank Challenge

30 Day Plank Challenge Fitness Workout Chart - I will get a toned stomach! It's all about the plank! I plank! Do you plank?

How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks Safely...hmm, could be well worth a shot! http://shoootla.com/weightloss

If You're Running and Aren't Losing Weight, Try This

7 superfoods to help burn off belly fat (pic) Beating Belly Fat (Link)

Good Information. Moral of the story: Don't skip meals and drink your water!

BEST Fitness Workouts and Recipes — 5 Simple Ways to Help Lose Weight by Boosting Your Metabolism

Embrace the burn. Get to the burn as quickly as possible & stay in the burn as long as possible.

You feel that burn? That’s your muscles working, your fat melting. It’s you becoming fit. It’s you becoming beautiful. Don’t stop.