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Lao Sticky Rice - read all about it. https://anteggsoup.wordpress.com/

Lao Sticky Rice

Sticky rice in a traditional Lao steamer. The Lao verb “to eat” is directly translated as “to eat rice” and one food that unites all Laos is ‘sticky’ rice, kao neaw.

Sweet purple rice topped w/ mango and coconut cream, another delicious Laotian dessert. This is my favorite thing that Lao Village makes.

Sticky Rice Serving Baskets, Imported from Thailand » Temple of Thai Kitchenware

Buy Colorful Sticky Rice Serving Baskets imported from Thailand at Temple of Thai, online grocery.

Perfect Rice Cooker Sticky Rice Tips

How to Make Perfect Sticky Rice Using a Rice Cooker

Equipment: Rice Cooker Rice Scoop Ingredients: Calrose Rice Water Note: Using any type of rice other than Calrose will not produce the desired outcome.