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Drive around town with a megaphone and give compliments to the people on the streets.

giving compliments. via megaphone. I love it! SOOOO sweet of them. I want a british boy to give me a compliment through a megaphone.

Vintage photo Chart Do you know how to kiss a girl? then Learn  Stand Facing Her, Do not tell her your intentions, sigh couple of times,  whisper softly , draw gently, If she is a Listerated, Pepsin Gum, girl Kiss her, 1911 by Common Sense Gum,

How to Kiss a Girl - Vintage Listerated Pepsin Gum advertisement - 1916

Phineas and Ferb @Maddie Borchers the only emoticons you will ever need from this day forward bahahahaha

Phineas and Ferb

Funny pictures about Phineas and Ferb. Oh, and cool pics about Phineas and Ferb. Also, Phineas and Ferb photos.



And apparently they give 'Positive' Traffic tickets. Like for when drivers do something right. Love this!

Canadian stereotypes - this is so fantastic. I know what I will be doing if I ever find a robber.<<<Ahhh, What a good idea


yet another reason I want to move to Scotland. their National Animal is a Unicorn.

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Water and presence of whales found on jupiter by indian satellite, satellite launched by india found in arabian sea

I Would Definitely Do This If I Worked In Retail

I Would Definitely Do This If I Worked In Retail