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Girl Bullying-Relational Aggression BINGO

This game is amazing for a "mean girls" type small group! The game allows for students to discuss and open up with issues related to Relational Aggression! This game comes complete with the following:-6 Bingo Cards: 16 Squares -Bingo Markers: Cut along the lines to create square bingo markers for the game.

Worry Warriors Small Group Counseling Curriculum for early elementary-aged students from The Counselor's Corner

Worry Warriors: Group Counseling Curriculum for Managing Anxiety

I-Statements, Empathy, & Feelings: OH MY! Game and Printables

Help+your+students+learn+how+to+make+I-Statements,+show+empathy,+and+express+their+feelings+with+this+fun+game! Contents: Game+board 4+game+pieces 24+I-statement+cards 24+empathy+cards 9+Feelings:+Angry,+Sad,+Worried,+Proud,+Excited,+Surprised,+Embarrassed,+and+Happy 3+Posters++(8+1/2+x+11) 3+Coloring+pages I-statement+worksheet+(color+and+black+

SOCIAL SKILLS ACTIVITIES: Problem Solving {Differentiated k-5th Grade/Ability}

Expected vs. Unexpected Behavior When Having A Problem The concept in this activity is adapted from the work of Michelle Garcia-Winner, SLP. It explicitly teaches the ever important concept of Expected vs. Unexpected behavior, this time, when you are having a problem. Children enjoy making this behavior chart and also discussing the scenario cards and doing role plays. Read the social story either before or after the lesson or as needed with individual students.

Lunch Bunch- give teachers the topic of discussion for the lunch bunch, ask them to provide names for that bunch. Topics might include: test taking strategies, anger management, good manners, self-confidence, responsibility, etc. Have a Reward Lunch Bunch for the students who were caught being good :)