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Embedded image permalinkSomething like this might be cool on the boat paddle that I am going to use for a handle to the boat shed.

This is a great example of the principle of surroundedness as well as smallness as the eye jumps to the sharks rather than the schools of fish.

You Won't Believe These Patterns Created by Flocks of Birds in Flight

Funny pictures about Harsh Life Lesson. Oh, and cool pics about Harsh Life Lesson. Also, Harsh Life Lesson photos.

Just a kiss

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I see a fish. A fish I kiss. I know I'll miss my friend the fish when i must go back home to Visch.

Picture of an opah (Lampris guttatus) which some claim to look very similar to the Mola mola

Colorful and mysterious opah found to be ‘first fully warm-blooded fish’

Sea Turtle Restoration Project UPDATE:  California and Indonesia Launch Partnership to Save Endangered Sea Turtles! Historic Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Conservation Summit Held in Monterey  http://www.seaturtles.org/article.php?id=2538

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"Isn't This Gorgeous" - Until you've snorkeled and seen some Underwater Wildlife, You've NOT really lived ! BEAUTY OF WILDLIFE: Awesome Collection Of World Best Reptile and Bugs Photography and Photos Of The Day