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Holy Night ~ Handmade soap by Kokolele on Etsy

Snowflake, winter-themed, blue handcrafted, homemade soap design called 'Holy Night' by Kokolele on Etsy

These super cute handmade goldfish in a bag soaps are great as gifts for kids as well as for DIY party favors. While they look easy to make, these soaps are actually a bit tricky to perfect. I recommend buying more materials than you think you’ll need and be prepared to exercise a bit of …

Melt and Pour Soap Tutorial - DIY Goldfish in a Bag Soap for Kids

I have spent the past 2 months trying to perfect and be able to easily recreate a rimmed soap design and finally have a technique down that works pretty consistently. A rimmed soap is a soap that has a band of soap surrounding an inner soap core. The design potential for the rim is endless - from a solid color, to a swirl and even being able to add more decorative elements on the surface. By Alaiyna B. Bath and Body. www.alaiynab.blogspot.com

A beautiful collection of rimmed soaps! A longer process, but definitely worth the extra work! {Soap by Alaiyna B. Bath and Body: Collection of Rimmed Cold} Process Soaps.

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Мастер-класс Мыловарение МК Сердечная копилка Мыло фото 1

Мастер-класс Мыловарение МК Сердечная копилка Мыло фото 1

another beach theme soap

For those who are seriously into soap making, the concept of soap molds is an interesting one. What you need to understand is that when it comes to soap molds,

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